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Lekan Adanijo
Lekan is currently the Managing Director / CEO of GPS Limited. Before GPS, Lekan was the founding CEO of Mo-soft Limited, a data collection and software consulting company. Under his stewardship, the company successfully processed examinations for the whole of Nigeria setting enviable standards for one of the country’s three largest Examinations Boards. A year later, the company designed and implemented an integrated Examination Management System and went on to deploy for the said Examination Board. The Examination Management System is still being used by the Board eleven years after. Within the next year, the company became a reseller for one of the world’s largest provider of OMR (optical mark recognition) technology. The company went on to implement integrated data collection and assessment systems at multiple locations in Nigeria. By the third year the company had registered business presence in the US.
At GPS, Lekan has led several process automation projects, including:
Design of an Educational Services and Transaction Portal;
Design of a simple Workflow application framework. A significant outcome of this framework is its successful deployment for process automation in organisations with complex and peculiar processes but low IT penetration amongst its employees;
Design of automated data capture enabling solutions.
Lekan has extensive experience in designing, developing and deploying process automation solutions in a variety of industries. He holds degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics from Federal University of Technology, Minna and has attended several local and international training programs on business systems design and deployment.
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