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About Global Portal Services

In view of this transformation witnessed in this information age, there is a pressing need for a well planned IT architecture that provides a stable but flexible frame work which support the dynamic business innovations being exhibited by today’s market leaders. Global Portal Services has strategically placed herself to be a global leader in providing the needed expertise and professinalism. We create and deploy client specific solutions by adopting cutting edge technology which are based on a tested and proven methodology. It is a strategically planned, structured, participatory approach to architecture that integrates the needs of your business.

Our Enterprise Solution includes but not limited to:
Transactions Information Management System (TIMS)
Financial Management System
Electronic Document Management Solution (EDMS)
Geographic Information System (GIS)
Land Information System (LIS), eHANCE®
Educational Information Management System (EIMS), Edlink Portal®
Healthcare Management Information System (HMIS)
Payments Solutions

Our collaborative approach and our sense of accountability inspire us in building partnerships with you and with other partners to implement your solution.

Mobile Solution
Enterprise Solution
eGoverment Solution
Education Solution
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